Monday, June 28, 2010

First Place! nope, NOT me.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

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I would NEVER start out this weekend by pawning my kids off on my brother so me and my sis-n-law could go shopping and out to dinner for my aunt’s bday…


I was NOT way too excited to be kid-free for a night, and I did NOT celebrate by spending way too much money on items I didn’t really need.

On Saturday, I got up early to run a small 5k with my aunts and uncle.

I did NOT almost pass out crossing the finish line, and I was NOT totally shocked when I won first place in my age division (Gina and Tanya also placed in theirs). I wasn’t that fast, but their were only 11 in my age group, and I guess they were beginners too! =)



That afternoon, we took the twins to their first movie. ever.

I am NOT the type of mom who would take pictures all over the theater to immortalize the moment.

Toy Story 3

(Cousin Nora, Nolan, Cousin Mason, Ty)

For family night, we did NOT decide to put on a talent show with the kids… all 10 of them (and this is just my immediate family)

10 kids

The show did NOT include such hits as: Eye of the Tiger…aka “the punching song”, the Silly Bandz rap, and the Veggie Tales theme song. It was NOT the sweetest. thing. ever. (and of course, I did NOT video tape the whole thing)

On Sunday, Goosers and Reese weren’t feeling so hot… I definitely did NOT escape with the twins to go swimming after church and leave my husband at home to take care of himself… I am a much better wife than that.

Oh, and one more thing.

I definitely do NOT enjoy taking really dorky pictures of my kids…


…and I definitely will NOT save them in their scrapbooks to use for future embarrassment.

So what did you "NOT" do this weekend?