Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few Good Men.

I am tryin out new Friday Follows Today- One of my favorite blogger friends, Laura, i.e. the Purse Blogger wrote something super sweet about me in her interview with FF. She has a Fabulous Blog that you should check out if you haven't already! =)


As most of you know, the main reason I started this blog was to update family and friends about my kiddos.

...or more-so, to document all the ridiculous things that they say and do every week. I have not written about them in a coon's age, so I know y'all must be dying to know what they have been up to.

Because I don't want to write another novel
(sorry about the last post... geeeeez.)

I will simply give you the

#3: The Sweetest Moment-

While I was making breakfast the other day, I hear the boys climbing on the table and Nolan says, "Come on guys, put your hands in..."

I turn around and see this:

Then they all start saying
"All for one, and one for all!"

Cutest. darn. thing. I ever seen.
(I am guessing they had a 3 musketeers special on Dora that day =)

They actually play great together when no one is paying attention...

Look at Nolan helping them out of their "house" i.e. the hole in the front yard that we should probably get filled in one of these days.

What a sweetheart he can be =)

#2: "Thinks he's funny" Moment:

After finishing a nice cook-out dinner at the beach and cleaning up, my family and I were sitting around the living room and
(my 2 year old) Reese walks over, his mouth slap full of something...

I say, "ummm, Reese baby, what are you eating?"

He replies, "Cheeeeeeese-buger!!"
(everyone laughs)

I say, "oh, really... where did you get that cheeseburger?"

He replies
(with a huge grin on his face), "CHAASSSS-CANN!"

(everyone laughs harder as I try to pull the remaining trash-can burger from his hand.)

And #1: The Most Disgusting Moment
(Another Reese story of course... if you have a weak stomach or don't have kids yet, you might want to stop reading here.)

pooped in his potty... yeah... not. celebrating. that one.

Why you may ask?

Because immediately after pooping in his kiddy potty, he reached in, picked it all up, and set it on the floor.

THEN, as I was cleaning up said floor, the grossest kid ever Mr. Reese decided to sneak into
MY bathroom (diaper-less of course) and proceeds to poop... again. then plays in poop. then wipes poop all over cabinets and white hand towels. then opens drawers and plays with mommy's toiletries and jewelry with poop-covered fingers.

and he did ALL of this in a matter of minutes...

It was like this horrible scene from a sitcom that you just couldn't imagine ever happening in real-life.
I don't even have a weak stomach... but dude, the kid has made me dry-heave more times than I can count.

Poor little guy, he has some serious embarrassing stories coming his way when he is a teenager.

I almost feel bad about it. ;)