Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am finally back!

I have finally made it back to the blogging world! I have missed you! =)

We got back last week, and then I felt a little under the weather for a few days (maybe it was just vacation-withdrawals)... Mother's Day hit me pretty hard... which for some reason I wasn't expecting...

But anyway, I am here now, and guess what I am typing on??

My super sweet, lovely, kind, forgiving ;) husband got me a laptop from his work (one perk of being married to computer nerd) It is just a basic IBM thinkpad, but it is AWESOME to someone who thought there was no way her hubby would trust her with another one and thought she would be without a laptop forever!!

Annnnd, I finally got to upload my pics and my Aunt Steph's from vacation...

There were so many great ones.

I will share a few of Steph's (you know, because mine don't really compare)...

Have y'all ever used Picnik for editing photos?
I tried out a few of their free editing tools with these pics... It is awesome for amateurs like me!

Nolan... Mr. Serious.

I think Reese was trying to grab (his cousin) Nora's hand and she was like, "ummmm, No way mister!! I do what I want!" (in her Super Diva 2 year old voice)

One of my favorite moments~ The boys helping me collect shells on the beach...

Steph was sneaky with the long lens, had no idea she got these!

Are they really this big???

Okay, the picture below is now one of my all-time favorite pictures...

It shows all of their personalities so well! I told them to put their arms up and yell: Nolan (on the left) does it perfectly, and even manages a smile(over-achiever)
Reese(middle) has to be completely Dramatic and over the top and doesn't really listen to what I said...
and my sweet little Tybo is thinking, "Why are we doing this? I don't get it."

Awww, my little guys... love, love, love them!

I have a few more good ones to post tomorrow, along with some of the "outtake" photos =)