Monday, April 12, 2010

He did NOT do this...

This was an extremely busy week... which caused me to be a terrible blogger...
so I will NOT be spending a lot of time today catching up on all my favorite blogs =)

My little Tybo (normally the sweet and quiet one who is very laid back) takes the title of

"Trouble Maker of the Week"

Now for those who know my little Ty, you know that he loves light switches and levers and buttons of all kind...

He can not keep his hands away from them.

Which definitely did NOT lead to this incident:

I usually load up my boys about once a week and take them to get a few groceries by myself.

So on Wednesday, we went to Kroger and after we shopped, we stopped in the entrance way to drop off the cart and grab our bags...

I take Ty out of the cart.

I turn around to grab Reese.

A lovely lady next to me says, "ummm, excuse me, I think he's messing with that switch."

I turn and grab Ty's hand and say, "oh thank you!" as Reese is trying to run out the door
(constant chaos) and finally get Nolan and our bags and we walk out to the car.

I load 'em up and we drive out of the parking lot.

As I am sitting at the red light in front of the store I hear a familiar sound and see a fire truck pass by...

then another one...

and a police truck.

Then I see them turn.


So apparently Ty wasn't just touching the "switch" - aka - the fire alarm.

He pulled it.

And me being the scatterbrained, always-in-a-rush mom that I am didn't even notice that it was actually pulled down...
(although, it was strange to me that it didn't make a noise when he pulled it, unless it was inside the store and I didn't hear it)

So I turn back into the parking lot and I am contemplating, "Do I go inside and tell them it was my child who pulled the alarm and wasted all their time?"

But they started to leave so I left too... and gave the boys a lecture on "pulling red switches in public."

this is why I keep a camera in my purse ;)

Of course, Nolan was like,

"So Mom, if we pull the alarm, all the fire trucks will come?"

uuuuggghh, I could just see the wheels turning in his head, making big plans...

Seriously, do all kids do stuff like this? ...or am I just
extra lucky?

Happy Monday Everyone!