Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today I am thankful...

That my husband does not read my blog.


Because I. am. freaking. out. right. now.

Have you ever done something that just makes you feel sick to your stomach?

You know...

...something like spilling an entire cup of coffee all over your husband's laptop that you have been using for a month because you have broken your own laptop...


A laptop that he has had for like 3 years and never had a problem with.


...a laptop that has all my pictures and stuff I have written from the past month on it because I haven't backed it up yet...


He is going to kill me.

Hmmmmm, sooo, let's just keep this between you and me, okay?

I am just going to google
"fixing laptops that you spilled coffee all over" and
pray that I will become superwoman and learn how to fix this computer before my lovely hubs gets home from work.

(BTW, I am typing this from the desktop computer in our office... my husband is a computer engineer, so you might think... oh, it's no big deal, he can fix it or just get you a new one from work... wrong. After breaking 3 laptops -and a multitude of other electronics-, he will probably ban me from all technology in the house)

To be continued... if I am still able to use a computer tomorrow. =)