Monday, March 29, 2010

This is NOT Mardi Gras

Because of the gorgeous weather, we spent a lot of time outside this week...

I took the boys to the park to have a little picnic... we ate lunch and then they wanted to feed the ducks.

Can you guess what happened right after this picture?

Well it definitely did NOT include Reese running straight into the pond and getting soaked.

Then, when we got home...

Reese definitely did NOT decide to give himself a facial...

When I came into the room and caught him,

He definitely did NOT say,

"Look Mama, yogurt!"

Later, I decided to do a little spring cleaning...

As the boys were sleeping, I did NOT go on a rampage and grab every toy in the house that was loud and annoying and pack it in a box to give away.

The boys didn't even notice (spoiled much?) ...

and it did NOT feel so good to get rid of some of the clutter.


Goose and I got to enjoy a beautiful, stress-free weekend.

For once, we didn't have a million things going on...

Goose took advantage of our sunny Saturday by mowing the lawn, which
definitely did NOT result in lots of John Deere rides for the boys.

We then decided to take the boys to a playground, which is by a track so I could run while Goose watched the boys.

As I am running around the track
(which happens to be right next to a busy road)

I definitely did
NOT hear a high pitched,


As I look up at the street, the screaming girl passing by in a black SUV

definitely did
NOT lift up her shirt...

in the middle of town.

at 3:00 in the afternoon.

...and flash me.


That would
NEVER happen in life outside a sitcom.

Hope you all have an awesome week!!