Monday, March 15, 2010

NOT this or that...

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NOT me Monday

The twins had so much fun at their friend’s birthday party on Saturday. Their friend had a Fun Bus come to the party and all 3 of the boys did
NOT scream and jump and play the entire time.

Nolan did
NOT say, “Mom, that was the best birthday party EVER!”

I of course, did
NOT wear two completely (I mean completely) different socks to the party because it was laundry day and I didn’t feel like rummaging through piles of laundry to find a pair that matches…

Reese’s pieces did
NOT move into a big boy bed last night. He stayed in bed and slept the entire night without a problem.

I am
NOT so excited for him to be out of his crib. I, of course, would NEVER climb into his bed and snuggle with him before he goes to sleep.

This is
NOT one of my favorite things about being a mom...

Ty has been a little extra ridiculous quirky this week.

He was definitely
NOT coloring like this…

(Is this really comfortable??)

I then did
NOT catch him watching Dora like this:

(I think I might sign him up for gymnastics)

I took this picture last night for 3 reasons…

The first was
NOT to document Goose in the background making one of the only home-cooked meals we had this week.

The second was to take a picture of my hair. I did
NOT finally get it colored. I would NEVER let my roots grow out 3 inches before coloring it. I definitely have NOT been sporting a lot of hats over the past few weeks.

The third reason was to take the last picture I will ever take in these glasses. I have
NOT had to wear my old glasses for the past week while waiting on my new contacts, and they are NOT the worst. glasses. ever. They are NOT completely crooked and they are NOT the wrong prescription so everything is blurry.

I do
NOT loathe detest like these glasses.

I am probably
NOT going to do a happy dance and run over them with my car before throwing them away.

BTW, If you are wondering how I get all these pictures, well I definitely do
NOT keep my camera on the kitchen counter charged up all the time so I can take pics whenever the boys do silly things around the house… or in my purse when we go out so I don't miss anything.

I am so
NOT that mom.

Happy Monday everyone! :-)