Monday, March 22, 2010

NOT Spring Breaking it...

~My NOT Me Week~

So at the beginning of this week, I did
NOT realize that the Warrior Dash is only 8 weeks away and that my aunt (who is 15 years older than me) is already up to running 2 miles (starting from nothing)....

I did
NOT decide this was unacceptable and ran every. single. day this week. My legs do NOT feel like rubber bands that are about to snap. I am NOT insanely ridiculously slightly competitive.

On Friday, I did
NOT decide to go to Gulf Shores with my mom at the last minute to see the 38th Annual Outdoor Art Show (clever name huh?)

I did
NOT welcome some quality time with Moms and a break from the house.

On the way down, we did NOT realize that it was some colleges' Spring Break and they were definitely NOT it up.

I mean JAMMIN.

My mom did NOT think it was hilarious to pull up next to a car load of said spring breaking guys and pace them for about ten minutes down the highway as they danced and yelled who knows what at our car.

I did NOT sink down into my seat and cover my face with the book I was reading.

I did NOT feel like I was 16 years old again.

The art show was pretty uneventful…
I love looking at the art and crafts- always something new and interesting.

There were lots of people there that had just finished running a road race…

I did NOT laugh out loud thinking about how Goose would look in a pair of these:

WE also did a little shopping while we there...

I definitely did NOT do a double take when I seen the name of this store:

They were closed, but I definitely did NOT want to go inside and see what exactly Hooch's Mama was selling...

I was happy to get home yesterday and see the boys. I picked up a few toys for them at the craft show...

Nolan did NOT shoot Ty in the face within 5 minutes of having his rubber-band gun.

And then of course Ty would NEVER slap himself in the eye with his slingshot.

(I think closing his eyes affected his aim)

What was I thinking?

Seriously… Best. Mom. Ever.

Then as I was eating breakfast this morning, I definitely did
NOT get up from the table and come back to find this along with my 3 giggling sons:

Coffee a la Cheerios anyone?

A great start to any week.

Happy Monday =)