Monday, March 8, 2010

NOT Me: Bowling and Burnination

Mckmama is in Kenya this week on a compassion trip so she probably won't be posting her Not- me Monday, but she has been posting pictures and details about her trip which are incredible. Go check them out!!

My NOT me (or my crazy kids) Week

My sweet little Reese did NOT turn 2 years old this weekend.

He did NOT ingest more than his weight in ice cream and cake and has NOT gone
from slightly chubby to full-blown chunky monkey.

Ty also got in on the action.

Reese being two does NOT mean serious potty-training time.

I did NOT bring out the potty and the big-boy undies to get started today.

He did NOT poop in his undies after about 2 seconds of wearing them. least he got some quality reading time in.

He also did some amazing art work...

NOT using our front door as his canvas.

In other "Reese is such a turd" news...

I definitely did NOT catch him trying to fill up a water gun...

with toilet water.

The twin's got their first taste of bowling last weekend at their cousin’s birthday…

Nolan had pretty good form for a 4 year old...

Ty wasn't quite as skilled...

Nolan is definitely NOT a sore loser.

"Sore" is definitely NOT an understatement...

He does NOT get this pouty-pants attitude from me.

Last but not least,

We definitely did NOT continue our big redneck tradition last weekend.

This annual tradition definitely does NOT include inviting friends over and burning our Christmas trees in the back yard.

This is NOT totally awesome, and I am NOT already looking forward to next year.