Monday, February 1, 2010

NOT our family Monday

I was NOT so happy with our major cleaning and de-cluttering last week.

I then did
NOT realize that we just moved all the clutter from one place to another.

I did NOT see double this week watching my sister’s little girls (but I have finally figured out how to tell them apart)

Speaking of twins, I definitely did NOT overhear this conversation between my boys~

Nolan: Ty, can you share your sucker with me?

Ty: No.

Nolan: Please Ty. You are supposed to share.

Ty: No.

Nolan: But Tyyyyyyy, Jesus said that we are supposed to share. He's in your heart and I think he wants you to share your sucker with me.

Ty: Nooooooooo.

Nolan: BUT TY, just one time!!!

(just as nolan grabs the sucker out of ty's mouth and is about to stick it in his own, daddy grabs it)

Daddy: Jesus does not want you to share suckers. ever.

My little Reese’s pieces has
NOT gotten too big for his britches… literally.

(yes these are supposed to be footy pjs)

He also does
NOT think his new purpose in life is to scoop out laundry detergent and pour it on the floor.

After going out to a lovely
(kid-free) dinner Friday night to celebrate my brother and sis-n-law's birthdays, this little adventure definitely did NOT happen...

Our 2005 s.u.v. did
NOT decide to break down on us.

At midnight.

In a parking lot.

Causing us to call a tow service at 1 in the morning.

Instead of calling a cab and paying $65 to get home, we did
NOT decide to walk (in the freezing cold) a mile down the road to a bar/club that my cousin works security for so that he could give us a ride home. We definitely did NOT have to hang out until closing time at 3am.

By the way, I did
NOT get hit on by a not-at-all-sober guy while there, and this was definitely NOT his pick-up line…

“Soooo, you got any tattoos?”

I sooo did NOT want to reply,

"No, no tattoos, but I
do have a lovely husband sitting right over there or I might have a few pictures of my three little boys on my cell phone, wanna see?"

finally getting home and lying down at 4:30 am, my 25 y.o. self did NOT think,

Man, I am gettin too old for this.

Happy Monday! =)