Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I did NOT forget...

I have to apologize for missing my NOT me Monday post…

Goosers finally got back in town yesterday from his business trip to Costa Rica… I would like to say that the boys were so sweet and perfect this week that I had nothing to write a NOT me post about, but that would be slightly inaccurate.

Goose left early Wednesday morning. That is when the fun began.

Let me give you a few details…

First off, this was definitely NOT the most disgusting week I have ever had with the boys (believe me, that is saying a lot).

What went on is
NOT so gross, it can’t even be written in this post.

I definitely had
NO reason to utter the following phrases:

"Stop spitting on your brother."

“Are you licking your snot?!!”

“Get your hands out of your pants!”

“Please stop eating your boogers!”

“Why are you licking my hand?!”

"What is that?"

“Is that POOP?!!”
(totally was)



The boys have
NOT become obsessed with cereal.

They did
NOT break off the cabinet door safety latches in the kitchen so they could feed their habit...

Which has NOT led to this:

And this:

(that is NOT Ty helping himself to some of the spilled cereal while I was taking this picture.)

I was
NOT so fed up that I started keeping the cereal up on the counter out of reach...

Reese decided that wasn’t going to stop him...

In other obsessive news,

My sweet little Tybo has
NOT decided that coloring is his new favorite thing to do.

He has
NOT filled up three coloring books this week and I did NOT have to go buy new books and markers for him.

He does
NOT color each page a different color, then sometimes go back and recolor the same page again. He is NOT the weirdest quirkiest kid ever.

When Goose is out of town, I do
NOT develop severe insomnia and sleep maybe 2 hours a night. This has NOT made me cranky and exhausted all week long while also helping me to develop a coffee addiction.

When Goose finally got home yesterday... my body did
NOT completely shut down while sitting on the couch and I did NOT fall asleep for 3 hours while Goose hung out with the boys.

I finally woke up and was able to spend some time with the hubby. He brought us all back some souvenirs.

He got the boys some cute little t-shirts.

He did NOT get me these toucan sam earrings that I will never wear out in public unless we are going to a jungle themed halloween party cherish forever.

Happy Monday Tuesday !! =)