Thursday, February 4, 2010

Give me a B-L-O-G

So I thought I was going to be all “with it” on the blogging front, writing every
day and such.

That didn’t happen. But I have a good reason…

I won a Leslie Designs blog makeover from Katie

Since most of you who read this are family and friends who do not blog, I am guessing you have no idea what a blog makeover is.

Quick definition: You can pay to have someone make your blog look pretty. They make a custom header (the picture at the top with your blog name) and you can get cute little buttons and details to make everything match…

Now you know I would have never been able to convince my super sweet (but cheap) hubby that a blog makeover is worth any amount of money. I think when I brought it up to him he said, “oh, but you are so smart… you could figure out how to do all that on your own.”

Yeah, he’s a slick one.

So anyway, I ended up winning a blog makeover from another lovely blogger’s giveaway and I have been working on the details of that…

I finally came up with a new blog name… wow.

I did NOT realize how many blogs are out there… I mean, every single idea I thought of was already used.

I mean is my blog really that important?

No, it’s not.

But if I am going to do something, it's all or nothing (I am the same way with cleaning my house). Plus, I am out of school this semester and I have to have a project(or 10) to take up my spare time… cause you know, with 3 kids I have all sorts of spare time. =)

And it’s not just my own blog stuff, I have been reading other people’s blogs and commenting and getting ideas for crafts/shopping/kid’s stuff/recipes
(that I will never make because I am a horrible cook) or sometimes just to peak into someone else’s life and take a breather from my own.

I don’t really watch a lot of T.V. (okay, okay… Lost and 24)

But I admit it; blogging has become my “mommy- time-out”… my little break from reality. I always make fun of Goosers for playing video games, and now he makes fun of me for blogging.

I guess we’re even.

So anyway, be on the look out for the new and improved layout! Coming soon to a blog near you. =)