Friday, February 26, 2010

Blogging Insanity

Okay, this is a little late, but I wanted to participate in this blog hop because I have often wondered what makes people want to blog. I know there are so many different types of blogs/bloggers/blogging style…

But what really drives people to sit down and put their thoughts on the internet for the whole world to see (besides pure insanity)?

I’m interested to read everyone's reasons for blogging- these are my top 3!

1. I like to write- Very simple. Writing has always been that outlet for me… for some people it is crafting, singing, shopping, playing an instrument… for me it is writing. I would love to write for a living but until a publisher decides that boys picking their noses is book-worthy, it’ll probably just remain a fun hobby.

2. Staying in Touch- Goosers and I have BIG families. We have family all over Georgia… and scattered in Michigan, Florida, California, and Iowa. It is pretty cool when a cousin or aunt says hey, love the blog, read it every week! or… Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at ~insert ridiculous thing the boys did here~… It’s cool for those who don’t get to see us all the time to be able to keep up with all our shenanigans.

3. Something to do- I have been in school for the past two years. This is my 1st semester off and it is weird to have extra time around the house that isn’t being consumed by papers and studying and finals. I also need a little “Me” time and if I can’t get out of the house, I can still have that break online.

So now when the boys are taking a nap, I blog (and exercise, clean, figure out dinner, make phone calls, etc.)…. And of course, read other blogs… I love some of the “internet” friends I have made, and I really hope I can keep up with Blogging Land when I start back school this summer.

So what are your reasons? Let me know if you write or have ever wrote a similar post so I can check it out =)

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