Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TIP for TUESDAY: Write it down

Everyone knows that kids say hilarious stuff. The way their minds work is just incredible to witness…

My Tip for Tuesday is to write these things down, get a journal, start a blog (like our friend Andy did here), whatever you want to do to immortalize these cute and quirky moments with your kids because you will not remember them and they are so fun to look back on later =)

My 4 year old twin boys, Nolan and Ty have imaginary friends. Four of them to be exact (Mackey, Sweedy, Lax, and Jason). They have had these friends for about a year and we have found out all sorts of interesting things about them…

This is what I learned today at lunch:

Ty (looks out the window and yells) : Sweedy, Don't go in the road!!

Nolan: Sweedy is a dog.

Ty: No she’s not. Dogs are boys.

Nolan: No they are not.

Ty: Yes, they are. Dogs are boys and Sweedy is a sweedy.

Mom: Is Sweedy your girlfriend?

Ty: YES!!

Nolan: …and Macky is my girlfriend.

Ty: No, Macky is my girlfriend too. Lax is your girlfriend and she is BOOOOOR-ING!

So apparently Ty is not monogamous and Nolan's girlfriend is lame. I somehow see this same conversation playing out when they are about 16 years old, only with real girls…

NOT looking forward to that =)