Monday, January 25, 2010

NOT my family Monday

On Sunday afternoon, the women in my family definitely did NOT think it was a great idea to start training for the Warrior Dash by going for a run…

through the woods…

in the POURING rain…

over fallen logs and under barb-wire…

I did
NOT almost fall flat on my face... multiple times.

My husband did
NOT put me to shame (yet again) in the kitchen with his homemade creamed spinach and lasagna concoction that was incredibly delicious... I am definitely NOT slightly annoyed that he is such a better cook than me and I am NOT about to just give up with the cooking thing altogether…

Nolan did
NOT find chopsticks (somewhere??) and after my explanation of what they were, he definitely did NOT say he was going to use them instead of his fork.

He also did
NOT call them “chapsticks” and did NOT quickly give up after trying to use them to eat these raisins.

In other dinner news, my lovely son Ty does
NOT spill his milk all over the table almost every single night.

This definitely did
NOT lead to me making my FOUR year old son drink out of a baby bottle.

Only ONE day after giving up and getting another remote from Comcast, this definitely did
NOT happen::::

No, my kids would
NEVER take the front off a speaker and turn it into a secret hiding place for all of their treasures…

On Saturday, my awesome Uncle Tim did
NOT bring over this fabulous toy box that he made for the boys.

Within 15 minutes of having this lovely gift, my 1 year old did
NOT take the lid off his cup and proceed to pour juice all down the back of this brand new (un-finished) toy box.

And it was NOT me who stated (
at the top of my lungs),


No way, I am always calm, cool, and collected…

Happy Monday!! =)