Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me!! Monday

This is NOT currently the most coveted possession in my house…

It is definitely NOT a cabinet door knob (
from who knows where??) that we now call the “crystal stone”. My son, Indiana Jones, does NOT make me run around the house every night as the “bad girl” who has to hide the stone for him to find. This is NOT the most exhausting(but hilarious) game ever, and David and I do NOT roll on the floor laughing when all 3 of our sons find hats and sing the I.J. theme song at the top of their lungs….

Every. Single. Night.

My son did NOT wake up at 3:45 AM screaming and crying because he had lost the “crystal stone.” David was NOT slightly annoyed and definitely did NOT tell Nolan that he was ridiculous and to go back to sleep…

I did NOT fail miserably trying to make a fabulous dinner on Tuesday night. Also,being the super careful person that I am, I did NOT turn on a burner and 2 seconds later forget that I had turned it on… This did NOT result in me screaming with a coil-shaped burn across my palm…

I do NOT go grocery shopping by myself each week with 3 little boys in tow…(
or take pictures to prove it

This NEVER results in a few extra items in the shopping bags that we did not intend to buy… (this week's item- chocolate chip muffin mix... thanks Reese.)

(I was also super psyched that my little boy got to stare at this picture during the entire shopping experience… lovely.)

Of course, the highlight of the week was NOT my impromptu photo-shoot with the boys on Friday.

Right after taking this adorable photo at the park, Nolan did NOT congratulate himself by dropping his pants 20 feet from a crowded 4-way stop and peeing for about a minute straight. I did NOT frantically try to hide him and then turn around and find Ty doing the exact same thing...

The people driving by and those hanging at the park did NOT notice and definitely did NOT point and laugh...

having twins rocks.

Happy Monday!!