Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TFT: Just the grossest thing ever...


If you love delicious sweet tea like I do…

And you love the Mcd’s $1.00 deal for a large sweet tea…

Just make sure you check the inside of the cup

before you take a big swig…

Because sometimes what you think is ice

Is really a very LARGE…

Plastic bag.

Yes, this was actually in a sweet tea I bought from the Stone Mountain McDonalds... I couldn't even take it back up there because I was at an art show all day... To give them credit- after I sent an email telling them about the experience, they did send a nice apology letter and two free meal coupons. 

But still... 

puke my guts out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well, it has been a year...

One year since we said good-bye to our sweet little Evie.

I thought about what I would write on this day, but I am not going to try and "church it up."

I am just going to say this...

I miss her. I miss my baby girl.

I miss the snuggles, smells, and smiles.

I miss the first rollover, the first steps, the first words...

I miss every memory I wish I had of her.

My arms physically ache when I think about her and I wish every. single. day. that she was with me.

The last month has been really hard...

The boys personalities are so defined and different, it makes me long to see what hers would have been like.

Sometimes it doesn't even feel real... but then I watch her 3D ultrasound video and look through her "box" and all that "mama" love just floods over me again.

It doesn't go away you know.

It isn't just dispersed onto your other children, and it doesn't just fade away into nothingness.

The love is there, just as strong as the day I found out I was pregnant... just as strong as the days she rolled around in my belly and we gave her a name... just as strong as the day I held her.

I know I don't talk about her often and I don't "act" like a grieving mother- but that is just me, it is my personality... I am not that great at receiving sympathy, but I know those who care about us, and I am thankful for every kind word and prayer.

So, it has been a year... the 3rd day of December will always be hard on us... but I hope we can celebrate Evie's life for the amazing impact she had on us and everyone we knew. 

I can't say that I sailed through the past year... I feel like my heart has been beaten and broken over and over and over again. But, I can say that the only reason I have my sanity is because of God. My faith has been tested and I am lacking in so many ways, but He continues to carry me...

Tomorrow, my Granny's inspirational paintings are going to be displayed in a new gallery opening in Snellville. I have been really missing her too lately... I am thankful that I will get to celebrate her life and work tomorrow along with Evie's.

To those of you who love our family and have prayed for us over the past year and a half:

Thank you. I know we don't say it often, but we love you all very much. =)

Maybe I can share some of the other stuff I have written over the past few months at some point, but right now I just feel overwhelmed. So I will share this song instead- I am sure you have heard it, but I love the lyrics and it has probably been my favorite song of this year.

I love you Evie with all my heart and I will miss you always... 

You were absolutely a beautiful life and you will always be a part of our family. 

~ Mama

Monday, November 8, 2010

MM: Oh, that's just Ty, trying to blow up the house...

 1) What happens when you mix a 4 year old who is slightly neurotic about all things electrical, a copper penny, and a Daddy who isn't paying attention?

One guess.

That's right... this kid:

is one lucky goose. 

He didn't get hurt, but he did blow the breaker and make all the lights in the back of the house go out.

2) Speaking of lucky (or should I say protected by angels) my mom and nephew were eating at a Chick-fil-a  a few nights ago in Snellville, and a young guy in a black ski mask came in with a gun and robbed the place.

My mom and Mason (who is three) were the only customers there: Mom grabbed Mason, ducked behind a trash can in the back and called the police... guy ran out and they haven't caught him yet.

I think I would have passed out.

Seriously. Scar-y.

3) My kids were awesome on Halloween this year... we went to a church fall festival and the boys went trick-or-treating with their cousins.

I made their costumes again (my once-a-year attempt at sewing)...

I think they turned out pretty well.

 Phineas, Ferb, and Agent P (Perry the Platypus)

Once Reese realized that everyone he went to was giving out candy, he just could not believe it.

 4) So we have been working like crazy this week, trying to get our new online store organized... we used Ecrater (totally free marketplace) 
Loving it so far!
We are making Christmas ornaments this week, getting ready for the holiday season...(is it seriously November already!?)

Enameled Cross: Ornament
Black and Blue- Butterfly necklace:

Also, head over to Steph's 1st Blog Anniversary celebration for a chance to win something from our shop!

Happy Monday =)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

So I made a decision, a big one.

 "Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter." -Tim Kizziar

I withdrew from the education program. ( I know my family is like whatttttttttt?)

God has been working on me like crazy over the past few months... about my pride, my ridiculous standards, my family, and my goals in life.

I was barely interacting with my kids, me and David were fighting constantly (and we hardly ever fight)...

I had to re-prioritize a lot and I finally realized school is the one factor that doesn't make sense.

So I withdrew... 

I need to focus on more important will always be there, but my boys need me now.

I thought I would be more upset, but the thing is, education just wasn't right for me. I think teaching is an incredibly hard, important job and there are way too many people that go into education for the wrong reasons. I was one of them. I was in education because I basically couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted to go to school for and I was running on a deadline to get into a program.

Not that I didn't love working with the kids- but Special Education is a whole lot more than teaching- there are endless amounts of paperwork, meetings, and political junk that you have to keep up with... you have to be level-headed, dedicated, organized, and patient... I would have been a TERRIBLE teacher.

So anyway, I will finish up one class this semester and then figure the rest out later.

It is really hard to give up control (especially for a control freak); it is hard to give up selfish ambition, but I think God wants something completely different from me. I was moving forward because of what I thought I "needed" to do, instead of focusing on what He wants from me.

...and He simply wants more.

... He wants it all.

I am still resisting because it is scary to give Him everything... I feel comfortable keeping it all in, doing it on my own and doing it my way...  but He is knocking loudly...  

and He is kinda hard to ignore. =)

BTW, I heart tenth avenue north... =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Okay,.. So life isn't so perfect these days.

I wrote this long drawn out post discussing all the arguments I am having with myself about my recent commitments, but I am not going to post it...

Instead I am going to say this.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of being so overextended that I am not doing one thing in my life well.

I am doing everything half-way.

I am getting As in all my classes right now, but I am failing the rest of my life... just giving about 50% so I can get through the, business, teaching, being a mother, wife, friend, writing, exercising ... I can't remember the last time I cleaned the house or cooked a meal. Not that I was ever great at those things, but at least I had time to attempt them.

Being mediocre at everything in my life is.not.working. for me.

More importantly, I have been a terrible mom. I have neglected my husband and my kids and I am tired of it.

My mind is so over-capacity that lately, I can't even focus long enough to pray...

how sad is that? 

I am starting to realize that maybe God has things that He wants me to do that have nothing to do with having a 4.0 in college.

After years of holding myself to impossible standards, I am tired of feeling like I am not good enough.
I am tired of telling myself that if I don't accomplish this, and this, and this in my life that I am a worthless failure.

I thought that I could do it all, but I can't.

I thought that I had something to prove, but I don't.

I'm tired... 

of trying to be something that I'm just



I have to make a decision that I don't want to make.

I guess that is what being a grown-up is all about though, huh?

Monday, October 11, 2010

MM: I should be doing other things...

 Welcome to this version of me getting tired of doing schoolwork so I am going to procrastinate on that and write a really random blog post Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I uploaded the pics from my camera and realized... 

wow. I really need a vacation.

I have entirely too many things happening all at once and some times I think I am going to just flip out and run far, far away...

But then I would miss out on the fun... because everything that is going on are good things.

well... most of them anyway...

1. We had to go on a tour of the city of Stone Mountain as part of the art program we are in-  We are supposed to know about the area so that when people come into the gallery, we can let them know about what else is going on around town.

I grew up in Stone Mountain but I did not know half the stuff we learned on the tour~

As we were at the park looking at one of the nature trails, we stopped and were listening to our guide talk about the song-bird habitat... it is totally peaceful and quiet-

Then, I suddenly feel something weird on my leg.




...had crawled all the way up the INSIDE of my jeans, up to my thigh and started trying to fly around... I almost fainted and threw up at the same time. Of course, I grab my jeans and shake the spawn of satan grasshopper out of my pants.

Thankfully, it came out of the bottom before I had a total meltdown.

Ugh- insects... not. a. fan.


2.  We had the Grand Opening of our studio on Friday. We share a gallery space with two other artists and then we each have our own workshops. It was fabulous and overwhelming. They had the ribbon cutting ceremony for the arts program and the new Sreetscape sculpture right outside the building and as soon as it was over our gallery was just flooded with people- craziness- but so great! I'll upload some pics as soon as I get them organized.

3. Goose's dad just turned 70!! He is the best dad-n-law a girl could ask for and an awesome grandpa to the boys- they just adore him!

We went to the Braves game to celebrate! It was the boys first Braves game and they loved it... 

especially the part where they got to eat peanuts, carmel corn, and 2 bags of cotton candy... they were just a little wound up. :)

4. We did a 5K called the Red Barn Ramble- It was a run on a farm- so much fun =) 

I got first place in my age group again! and the trophies were these super cute, hand-made birdhouses... 

I am definitely doing that one again next year~


5. Did you know that my kids are hilarious... and obnoxious... and as cute as pie... And that they just love taking silly pictures with their mama =)

Okay, enough procrastinating- 

Hope all y'all are having a fabulous Monday =)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Once Upon a Time... Nolan's First Game

Once Upon a time, there was this kid...

He loved football! 

He watched it on TV, played catch every day, and begged you to let him play on a real, live team...

You think he's a natural.

You think he is gonna go out there and be #1 touchdown superstar!

You think he is going to listen to the coach,

Run circles around his teammates, and

Be well on his way to the Heisman Trophy…

And then you wake up and realize...

he’s 4 years old...

and he has NO IDEA what is going on.

you signed him up 2 weeks late (mom of the year!)...

so he really has no idea what's going on.

His first game is Saturday.

This should be interesting...

(video for grandma, he did get it once! =)

Hope Everyone has a Great Weekend- We'll be at the Braves game tonight, Watch for us in the cheap seats!! =)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winner. Winner.... Chicken. Dinner.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Sailor Studio giveaway!

Random Generator picked Lucky #2

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This happens to be my lovely blogger friend:


I will be emailing you soon~ 
Just let me know what you decide on! =)  

P.S. Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook for updates and giveaways and check out our website for new items coming soon!! 

Thanks Everyone!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

MM: Cow Manure and Shiny Pens

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(this is my cousin, Liv... we all looked like this within about 10 minutes on the course =) 

1. We ran the Marine MUD RUN on Saturday... I never thought I could be so sore... It actually hurt to drive this morning... and I almost dropped Reese trying to help him out of the car.

My arms are WORTHLESS.


Me, aunt Tanya, cousin Christy, and aunt Gina- Medic Please!


 It was exhausting, a little scary at times (like when we had to lift each other over our heads to get up a 15 foot wall- Eeeeek!) but it was so fun, and such an adrenaline rush!! 

2. We drove our Armada to the Mud Run... which means that after the race, we had 4 absolutely disgusting people riding in it for 2 hours until we got to the campground... 

which means our vehicle now smells like sweaty feet and cow manure.

I almost threw up when I opened the door this morning.

Febrezin' it. did. not. help.

3. I am really starting to think Reese (who is 2 going on 25) is going to be a lawyer when he grows up... that or a politician. He will argue over any and everything!

Like today he found a pen, and said, "Mom, what's this?"

I said, "It's a pen honey."

He said, " No it's not Mom. It's a shiny pencil." 

(we went back and forth for about five minutes until I gave up... we no longer have "pens" in my house.)

 4. We sent out the first shipment of orders for our Sailor Studio online store this morning!

I am sooooo incredibly excited (and a little shocked) that we actually got this business up and running. We still have a lot ahead of us, but it is all coming together!! 

Thank you everyone for your support, prayers, and kind words- It means so much to all of us!! =)  (and don't forget to enter our giveaway here... I will draw a winner tomorrow!)

5. When you have 3 little boys, you learn really quickly that there are a lot of things that are completely out of your control... Boys are CRAZY- they wrestle and fight and bite and push and smother and strangle each other constantly.

      They are WILD.

They trip and fall, get bumped, bruised, scraped, and scratched

every. single. day.

The world is their JuNgLe GyM...

and so is our living room.

But, I thank Jesus every day for them... I couldn't imagine my world without these little guys =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The moment you all have been waiting for...

(scroll down for chance to win)

Okay... maybe you all haven't been waiting... but I am going to tell you anyway!

(For any first time visitors to my blog- I usually write ridiculous stories about my life with 3 crazy little boys... stuff like this - I will back to that ASAP! =).

I know all my real-life friends and family are sick of hearing about it by now, but for all my blogger friends who don't know...

Earlier this year, my mom
(who has worked with enamel on copper plates and sculpture for 30 years at Ratcliff Studio) applied for an opportunity to open her own studio/store along with 5 other artists. It is part of a program hoping to renovate the small village of Stone Mountain, which has gone downhill over the past few years.

Meanwhile, my sister-n-law Britni and I started spending a lot of time at Ratcliff Studio with my mom and Peggy, designing and creating enamel on copper jewelry.

 Glory Blue- Necklace


After a few months of waiting...

My mom was chosen for the program!

After discussing ideas and attending some of the business workshops together, we decided to go for it together, and
Sailor Studio was formed.

(My business head shot- Thank you Aunt Stephanie!)

Now this process has been extremely fast, and we are all getting a crash course in business management- but we thankfully have some amazing support from the Art Station and the City.

Our official store opening is in October 2nd

...the GRAND opening is October 8th.

I am getting a little nervous... building something from the ground up is a very long and tedious process
(ugh, all the paperwork is ridiculous!)

But it will be ours... and being able to have our own shop and gallery is so exciting!

Now to the Art!!

Our pieces are all hand-made and crafted by us. We try to design jewelry that doesn't look like the manufactured stuff you see at mall shops... Every item is a one of a kind! We layer our copper with enamel
(a type of ground glass) using a number of techniques. Then place it in a "flash-fire" kiln at 1500 degrees. Most pieces take 2-3 firings each.

It's HOT!!


We just opened our website and online store, and as a promotion we would love to give one of my fabulous online readers (you know I love ya!) a chance to win one of our new accessories.

Sailor Studio

Just check out our site and leave a comment on my blog telling me which item you would like to win! Simple! This is open to everyone- just make sure your email address is accessible so I can contact you if you are the winner =) 

Promote us on your own blog/twitter/or facebook for extra entries!Just make sure to leave a comment for each.

I will pick the winner Tuesday Night!

Autumn Falls- Bracelet


Gold Drops- 1" Earrings

Antique Blue- Earrings (Iris Collection)

For other chances to win, become a fan of our Facebook page HERE! We also have some items posted there that are not yet on the website.


Okay, okay, enough self- promotion! Don't worry- my blog isn't going to turn into a business ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read... 

Please send your prayers our way to help us through all these upcoming events!