Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby Update: 6 Weeks to Go!

Evie is almost 3 and ½ pounds! They also measured her arms and legs and she is not very far behind in growth. The amniotic fluid is still high, so I will be going for ultrasounds once a week unless it goes back down. I love getting to see Evie every week; she looks HUGE on the ultrasound!

I am definitely learning a new level of organization and so far have not mixed up any doctors appointments. We are going to Egleston on Thursday morning for another fetal echo of her heart and to meet the surgeon who would perform her heart surgery (if she needs it). Then, Thursday afternoon we have an appointment with a different pediatric surgeon who will fix the omphalecele.

Dr. Yeagley thinks we will probably try and wait until the 39th week to schedule the c-section. I’m pretty sure that is the week of Christmas. So we might be having flashbacks of December 2005 with the twins!

Meeting your new baby is the best Christmas present you can get =)