Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Goosers!

Dave is 29 years OLD today. One more year to the big 3-0... We will probably head up to Provinos for dinner tonight with the fam, and maybe a get-together with friends this weekend.

If you have been around Nolan and Ty lately, you would know that they pretend to be different people or characters practically every day. And it last all day long. They will not answer me unless I call them the right name. Today's characters are Marina and Shout from the Fresh Beat Band(nick jr)... Ty is Marina; he always chooses to be the girl... hmmmm.

Reese believes he is an only child, and Ty and Nolan are just visiting... He is just the sweetest baby in the world, but he gets mad if the other 2 are taking up our attention... and he is the biggest daddy's boy. He cried his little eyes out when Dave left this morning.

I love my boys! =)